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sexta-feira, setembro 09, 2016

Um Presidente Próximo das Pessoas

Há várias presidencias perto das pessoas.

Há aquele tipo em que o Presidente ouve o criolo, bebe um grogu, come uma torresma, canta uma morna, chora de saudade com a comunidade, exalta a morabeza e ainda reza pela chuva.

Nada mau. E faz parte!

Há, um outro tipo. 
A forma como o Presidente do Kenya tem exercido a sua magistratura de influência parece ser interessante analisar.
Segundo consta, usando a sua figura de chefe de Estado, tem entrado em corredores relevantes para estar perto de pessoas influentes, para dinamizar sectores fundamentais da economia do Kenya.

"This has been a year that Kenya manifested her prowess. Global business elites and magnates have been streaming to the country in droves.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates will be in Kenya later this week for an international agricultural forum.

Gates will be accompanied by other billionaires, among them David Rockefeller, a philanthropist and entrepreneur. The visit by the two would come just days after the country hosted the sixth Ticad conference. 
Last week, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in the country to learn about mobile money transfer.

Why are these people coming? The answer is simple: President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has made it happen.

His international tours that were highly criticised now require praise. The President has showcased Kenya as a business destination.

This week, Kenya will host Africa’s largest green revolution forum. It brings together heads of state and government, farmer organisations, business leaders, captains of industry, eminent thinkers, development partners, researchers and finance and investment leaders.

This is a vote of confidence on the President’s administration. It shows how successful he has become."

Fonte: http://www.nation.co.ke/oped/Letters/tours-by-global-tycoons-a-confidence-vote-for-our-innovators/440806-3371534-xgvyyuz/

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