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wEduIT - Cabo Verde International Science and Innovation Center

Bob Barboza at The International Mars Society Meetings

Robotics’ Society of Southern California board member Bob Barboza spent the week in Washington, D.C. presenting at the International National Mars Society Convention and was on a special panel with Jennifer Mandel, STEM program, Director, Lockheed Martin and Alyssa Carson, Teenage Astronaut-in-training. Nicole Willett, Moderator & Education Director, The Mars Society helped to organize the program and assisted in the programming for the international event.

Bob Barboza later met with the Canadian Mars rover team and the United Kingdom hot air balloon team. Special podcasts were created for Kids Talk Radio Science and will be published for the general public on October 1, 2016. Plans are underway for additional podcast on Kids Talk Radio Canada and Kids Talk Radio United Kingdom.


Applying Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards to Project-Based Learning:
The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Super School Design Center brings together scientists, futurists and curriculum writers to create project-based learning experiences in the
areas of science, technology, engineering, languages, arts, and mathematics.

One of its arms, the Barboza Space Center, is a teaching and learning platform for future astronauts, engineers, and scientists interested in exploring Mars. Buttressed by the Next Generation Science
Standards, teachers guide students in building and repairing prototype satellites, habitats, hyperloops, nanocrafts, and robots that can be used to simulate missions to Mars. Learning takes place on two fronts. First, teachers work in teams to write curriculum. Second, students engage in these Occupy Mars Learning Adventures and document their findings through the cyber radio station, Kids Talk Radio. The first is indispensable to the second: teachers must be inspired and entrusted to create the
curriculum that will scaffold their students’ learning.

What does this kind of learning look like?
Students might work on teams, for instance, to solve problems such as how to shield habitats from
radiation. This work necessarily draws upon ideas and practices from a variety of disciplines—electrical and mechanical engineering, geology, physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy. Teachers can tap into the NGSS to set up the curricular pathways their students need to explore several different disciplines simultaneously. Gone is the practice of wading through successive introductory courses, each disconnected from the next.

Instead, students learn what they need to solve real-world problems. At the Barboza Space Center, we encourage students to link with experts both on-site and across the globe. At the NASA-sponsored Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, California, for instance, students can make use of a robotics lab or flight simulator to conduct research. They might solicit information or communicate the results of their efforts to other scientists via distance-learning or Kids Talk Radio. They use technology to transcend space, time, and institutional boundaries, just as do their adult counterparts engaged in solving real-world problems. There is no more exciting and engaging way to bring the sciences to life.

Our work to date has attracted the interest and endorsement of people and institutions around the world—from the University of Southern California, to Central Falls High School, in Rhode Island, to the Education Ministry of the Republic of Cabo Verde, where a live volcano provides a living laboratory for the study of interplanetary volcanism. The common threads linking these parties are two passions—first, for making science come alive to each and every student, regardless of language, background knowledge, ability, and past history; and second, to nurture among their teachers the
autonomy, tools, and inspiration to make that happen.

*STEAM ++ (science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, mathematics,
computer languages and foreign languages)

Bob Barboza, is an educator, STEM journalists, software designer and founder and director of the
Barboza Space Center for Engineering and Scientific Project Prototyping. He is working in
collaboration with the Columbia Memorial Space Center, Rhode Island and California STEM
projects and the country of Cabo Verde. He is a member of the Planetary and Mars societies,
California Mathematics Council, and is a board member of Southern California Robotics Society.

Bob Barboza, Founder/Director
Barboza Space Center
1857 Josie Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 221-1780 Cell

-------------------------- Projecto com a Escola Secundária Pedro Pires - Fogo -------------------

This is a special project and a collaboration effort between Pedro Pires High School in Fogo, Angelo Barbosa, Bob Barboza (KidsTalkRadio), and Pedro Pires Institute.

Catarina Barros, an 8th grade student tells a short story about the Volcano close to her school.
Our goal is to share with students around the world everything we know and will learn about the Volcano of Fogo.

Bob Barboza (www.kidstalkradiola.com e www.kidstalkradioscience.com)  visitou Cabo Verde de 05 a 17 de Maio, para participar no III Diálogo Estratégico organizado pelo Instituto Pedro Pires.
A convite da Escola Escola Secundária Pedro Pires fez uma visita ao Fogo, para apresentar um conjunto de projectos e programas especiais que vem desenvolvendo com escolas em California - Estados Unidos.

Encontro com o Director da Escola Secundária - Prof. Francisco Tavares

Encontro com Professores de várias disciplinas.

Alunos interessados em saber mais sobre programação e robótica.

Apresentação do robot NAO.

Em Chã das Caldeiras

Apresentação na semana de Tecnologias de Informação e Multimédia (TIM) da Universidade de Cabo Verde

Encontro com o Embaixador dos Estados Unidos

Encontro com o Primeiro Ministro - Ulisses Correia e Silva

Encontro na Prime Consulting

--------------------------------------- Visita de Bob Barboza 2014 ------------------------------------

Bob Barboza desafia Educação e Ciência com o Projecto Cape Verde Tenth Island

Bob Barboza, educador, músico e especialista na área das tecnologias de informação, visita Cabo Verde para uma série de workshops e discussões com escolas, professores, alunos e gestores da educação, sobre as tendências que desafiam o processo de ensino e aprendizagem. 

Bob Barboza é o promotor de uma escola de sucesso na Califórna - EUA, e pretende partilhar a sua vasta experiência em Cabo Verde.

Toda a informação em www.kidstalkradiola.com


Julho de 2014 - Bob Barboza é recebido por Sua Excelência o Primeiro Ministro, José Maria Neves.

Julho de 2014 - Bob Barboza apresenta o Projecto no Programa Show da Manhã da TCV.

Julho de 2014 - Bob Barbosa é recebido pela Sua Excelência o Presidente da República,
Jorge Carlos Fonseca

Julho de 2014 - Bob Barboza é recebido por Sua Excelência o Presidente da Câmara da Praia.

Julho de 2014 - Apresentação do Projecto a Docentes e Alunos da Uni-CV

Julho de 2014 - Bob Barboza apresenta o Projecto à Senhora Embaixadora dos Estados Unidos da América

Julho de 2014 - Bob Barboza faz workshop conjunto para os professores e gestores do Liceu Abílio Duarte e Escola OPEP1

Julho de 2014 - Bob Barboza apresenta o Projecto à Senhora Ministra da Educação

Julho 2014 - Bob Barboza apresenta o Projecto a Lúcia Cardoso, Flávio Semedo e Paulo Borges, docentes da Universidade de Cabo Verde.

Julho de 2014 - Bob Barboza faz a apresentação do Projecto à Sua Excelência o ex-Presidente da República, Pedro Pires

Abril de 2013 - Apresentação do Projecto à Sua Excelência o Presidente da República,
Jorge Carlos Fonseca

Março de 2014 - Apresentação e Workshop para Direcção e Professores da Escola OPEP 1

Outubro de 2013 - Apresentação do Projecto à Senhora Ministra da Educação

Junho de 2013 - Apresentação do Projecto Cabo Verde Tenth Island no Liceu Abilio Duarte - ESAD

Janeiro de 2013 - Alunos do Curso de Tecnologias Web da Uni-CV produzem video de apresentação da cantora Xiomara Barbosa e publicam na rede KidsTalkRadio.

02 de Outubro de 2009 - 1º Contacto, por email, com Bob Barboza


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