quinta-feira, julho 30, 2015

Human Trafficking 2015 - CV neste Ranking

Cabo Verde consta deste relatório. Já lemos? Vamos ler? Qual o nosso "action plan"para não mais constar deste ranking?

"Cabo Verde is a source, transit, and destination country for children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking within the country and in Guinea. Boys and girls, some of whom may be foreign nationals, are exploited in prostitution in Santa Maria, Praia, and Mindelo. Sex tourism, at times involving children in prostitution, also occurs. Children in domestic service often work long hours and at times experience physical and sexual abuse—indicators of forced labor. Cabo Verdean children engaged in begging, street vending, car washing, garbage picking, and agriculture are vulnerable to trafficking. Adult migrants from China, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Nigeria, and other ECOWAS countries may receive low wages, work without contracts, and be in irregular status, creating vulnerabilities to forced labor. West African migrants may transit the archipelago en route to situations of exploitation in Europe.

The Government of Cabo Verde does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so.
The government sustained modest efforts to prevent trafficking. There was no government entity specifically mandated to coordinate efforts to combat trafficking and no national action plan. In July 2014, however, the government created a national committee dedicated to preventing the sexual exploitation of children; the committee met four times during the reporting period. The government also continued to operate a national committee dedicated to the prevention and elimination of child labor, which also met four times during the reporting period. The government, however, did not identify any forced child labor cases, and labor inspectors were not mandated to conduct inspections in informal sectors, where the majority of forced labor in Cabo Verde occurs. The government did not conduct any national awareness campaigns during the reporting period. In July 2014, the government adopted a code of ethics for the tourism sector in an effort to combat the sexual exploitation of children. The government did not make any tangible efforts to reduce the demand for forced labor during the reporting period. The government did not provide anti-trafficking training or guidance for its diplomatic personnel."

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