First Lady Class

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Michelle Obama eleva a fasquia da função "First Lady".

Falando para alunos na Georgetown University disse:

“And I want you guys to own your dreams.  So you got to figure out who you are and then own it.  Alright?  The only reason I’m standing here today is because I own some level of excellence, in terms of how I thought about myself.  And the same thing is true for my husband and everybody that I know who is working in this administration.  At some level they bought into their own idea that they were worthy of something.
“So this is the beginning of what I hope will be an important journey for all of you, that leads you right here to places like this.  But it doesn’t come on its own.  It comes if you and when you invest in yourselves.  So I hope that you enjoyed this time and that you learned a lot about what this university has to offer.  But there are thousands of excellent schools across this country.  That’s something that’s important to remember.
“You can get an education right in your own backyard, but you can also see the country and the world.  And somewhere out there, there’s a college or university that’s right for you, but you got to prepare yourself for it.  You got to be ready so that when the time comes you can perform at very high levels.”

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