Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT - Celebra 150 Anos

5:06 da tarde Angelo Barbosa 0 Comments

"In the current era, I believe MIT is called once again to an important role. We can demonstrate that progress is possible against the great global problems of today and tomorrow— energy, climate, water, poverty, megacities, disease—through science and technology deeply informed by wise policy and pursued headlong with the can-do culture of MIT. Building on our entrepreneurial spirit, we can deliver innovators and innovations that will drive the next wave of economic growth.  We can set a path toward a new future for American manufacturing, through innovative systems, processes, and materials.  And MIT can inspire the next generation of young people, from every background, to understand that engineering, math and science can give them the exhilarating power to participate—as the active explorers, entrepreneurs, and inventors who will design the future."

Fonte aqui.

Um espaço de conhecimento que respira o futuro. Vale Conhecer. 

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