Message to Ms. Clinton

12:36 da manhã Angelo Barbosa 1 Comments

Ms. Clinton,
This is just to let you know that i´m a bit disapointed with your visit to CV.
I´m not sure they told you this straight. You are not at the country capital. And the reason is that, since your delegation has 95 people, there is no enough room to accomodate all your team members.
Besides this, Air Force one requires a longer runway then the one just built.
And last, the city is facing a serious problem with power supply. Well, water too.
Please, consider to help approve the next MCA compact so that we can tackle these "small" issues in Praia.
I will be happy to see Air Force one landing here, bringing the next US Secretary of State to this country.
Have a nice stay.

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Ivan Santos disse...

só para constar..o aparelho não é o Air Force One o Boeing 747, mas sim o Air Force Two, um Boeing 757, igual aos nossos B.Leza e Imigrante!!
mas isso não vem ao caso, a questão é mesmo incompreensivel. como a Ms.Clinton visita todas as capitais por onde passa nesta sua viagem ao nosso continente e somente aqui ela fica pela ilha do Sal...!!!???será que a comitiva levou mesmo ao pé da letra o facto de CV representar um "importante posto de reabastecimento"...!!?