Finally, the Cape Verdean American Diaspora?

2:13 da tarde Angelo Barbosa 1 Comments

It took more than 30 years for us to climb up to this big window with our good people in the US...

I wounder why is that?


The CABO (Cape Verdean American Business Organization) delegation just visited us! Do we really understand who they are and especially how we want them to bring their skills and knowledge?

Please take a look at this list of CABO members:

1. John R. Monteiro - CEO of ASEC Corporation, Boston

2. Nelson Greegor - President of Global Entrepreneurial Endeavors, LP

3. John B. Cruz III - President, CEO Cruz Companies

4. Kristine Allen - CEO Partner Group

5. Dee Rodrigues - Co-Owner of Imperium Realty

6. Jeanne Costa - President of Cape Verdean American Investment

7. Cesar Silva - President of Design Construction and Consulting Services

8. Reginald Sapp - Founder of Two Guys and a Camera

9. Donal Wright - Founder / Owner of D&P Associates

10. Claire Andrade-Watkins - Professor and Filmmaker (

11. Donald Lopes - President of DAL Enterprises

12. Scott Lima - Cape Verde American Investment Group

13. Nivea Henriques - Architect

14. Patricia Andrade - General Surgeon

15. Vanusa Aguiar- Physical Therapy

A very warm welcome to all of you. Enjoy your stay at your homeland.

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Alex disse...

Tomara ideia pega també li pa banda di Portugal. Nu sta mestedu pa Cabuverdianu organiza na diáspura. Infilizmenti URIL sta xintadu ta marca pasu, dipos di um bom rincada. Nu toma folgu nha guentis, dja txiga ora!
Zé Cunha