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The cultural distinctiveness of the Badius made them the subject of negative stereotypes that tended to legitimize racist treatment at the hands of the authority figures such as landlords, administrators and police.

Both colonial authorities and other Capeverdeans perceived Badius as the bearers and representatives of an African heritage, and thus as the most “backward” sector of the Capeverdean society.
However, they seemed to strike a chord of ambivalence in the popular imagination, at least at the time of the field work.

On one hand, Badius were seen, in Brava, Fogo and the more distant Leeward (Barlavento) islands, as somewhat mythical, knife wielding savages…Badius, then, represented something both opposite to and opposed to “Portuguese-ness”, something disdained, yet on occasion admired (p. 142).

Race, Culture and Portuguese Colonialism in Cabo Verde.
FACS, Syracuse University, 1984, 200 pages Posted by Picasa

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