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It is Independence Day!

Labanta Brasu (Alcides Spencer) Labanta braço grita bô liberdade Grita povo independenti Grita povo libertadu Cinco di Julho sinónimu di liberdadi Cinco di Julho kaminhu abertu pa filicidadi Grita “Viva Cabral” Honra kombatenti di nós terra
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3D Printer WorkShop at Bridgewater State University

Learning 3D Printing... Brief history of 3D printing, information about the current state of the technology, features of the printers, information about pertinent software and Web resources, information about where to get premade 3D files, guided instruction on how to prepare 3D image files using Cura software, and instruction on 3D printer use. Cura software can be found here: Autodesk Inventor, a CAD program can be found here: Thank you Joe and the Think Tank team for this wonderful workshop.

Students are Flying Drones in Ponta Verde, Fogo, Cabo Verde

Pedro Verona Pires High School students in the Island of Fogo, Cabo Verde, are conducting experiments for the "Occupy Mars Learning Adventures" action-based research program. Students will use drones to gather data from Chã das Caldeiras and from the active volcano close to their School. This project in an international collaboration with The Barboza Space Center in California. Help to spread and support this initiative.

Melody is the Voice of God!

Ntoni Denti d´Oru - (1926 - 2018)

Raiz ben flan na ki ladera di Santiagu ki bu simia nos tradiSon Raiz ben flan kantu dixi ki n´ten ki dixi pa ntendi Nacia, Codé i Denti D´Oru Raiz ben flan pamo ki n´ten ki coba fundu pa n´xinti Son kenti di nos alma Raiz ben flan pamo ki n´ten ki coba fundu coba fundu pa n´tchiga na spritu terra ah!!! Raiz leban ku bó ah!!! Raiz mostran caminhu bó ê nha fé di cada dia Raiz subi nen ke um dia só ben mostran mó ki ta fazedu Raiz Raiz Subi leban ku bó mostran caminhu Subi Raiz Djinho Barbosa - 2007 Gravado por Zeca di Nha Reinalda no CD "Na Caminho"


Welcome to our first Annual Barboza Space Center’s Robot Showcase photo essay. We hope to see you at our Second Annual Robot Showcase in August, 2019. We are looking for robot designers and builders of all ages. Contact Bob Barboza at